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Welcome to a collaborative website that has been established to bring together the most comprehensive information related to nutrition published by restaurants. There is a pressing desire by patrons of restaurants to have access to menu nutrition and to insure this information is accurate an kept current. This is our goal.

Menu Mama is partnering with the National Obesity Foundation ( to bring free, current, and accurate restaurant nutrition information to individuals to help them in making informed decisions about their nutrition intake. Those interested in participating are invited to download the app and then "claim" a restaurant if you would like to help keep the restaurants information updated. This is a very simple process and allows "fans" of the restaurant to collaborate and help bring accurate and current information to everyone using the app. 

Although a significant amount of resources are dedicated to helping us keep this information updated and adding new restaurants, we are keeping this site free for public use. We are also encouraging any restaurant owner, manager, or just a "fan" of the restaurant to "claim" a restaurant and participate with us in managing this data. If you would like to become an editor of this information, please complete the form found on this page: Claim a Restaurant

This site has information on major chains, many regional chains and also several local restaurants.  The is large and grows every day. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions as well. You can do so by sending us a message on our Contact Us page.