Menu Nutrition Facts


This topic can be confusing! The majority of the questions we receive related to what, by law or regulation, are restaurants required to make available and why do restaurants provide such a wide variety of information between different restaurants. We will try and explain. Also, we hope you get involved and help report data on restaurant menu nutrition and ask, in your state or province, just what is required.

Most of us are very familiar with the food industry and government regulations related to food nutritional labels. You virtually see this on every item you buy in a store, manufactured for sold in the United States. This information is required by law to be made available on food items. If you would like to read more on food labels and the nutritional information provide on these, we provide this on our Food Nutrition Label pages.

The restaurant industry is not required to follow this same type of reporting. There are a few states (and this is changing every month) that do require "some" elements of nutrition to be reported regarding their menu items sold in their restaurants.

What are individual States doing? Read more >>>

What is the Federal Government doing? Read more >>>

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