How can I get involved?

Getting involved is very easy. If you are like most of us, you frequent a number of restaurants on an annual basis. It is likely that these are chain restaurants. You may consider yourself a "fan" of these restaurants - or at least you like something on the menu! This website allows a "fan" to become an editor to a restaurant's menu nutrition. Simply click the Claim It button on the left and we will be notified of your interest. In all likelyhood, there will also be others who have claimed the restaurant. This is sort of like a wiki - effort.  Anyway, if you want to help out, claim it!  

You can also contact local resources. If you want to get involved, many states have a "restaurant association". These are usually named by the state they are located, such as; Oklahoma Restaurant Association. Many restaurants are members and these associations get involved in regulations within their state, sometimes have a website, and have paid employees who have questions about restaurants in the state. Contact them and ask them what they are doing about nutrition reporting.

Contact your state representative or senator. We suggest you sent them a brief email asking if any restaurant menu nutrition has been proposed in the past or any being considered now. If legislation has passed, they can also provide you with information on how to get a copy.

Lastly, if you feel that restaurant chains should provide this information, then contact them!  Tell them what state you live in and what you would like to have posted at the restaurant. 


You can advertise AND support non-profit programs. Run a banner for a 5 or 6 months and send an autistic child to camp, or sponsor an international child for 5 months, or provide 6 school backpacks for homeless children. 

Menu Mama may be the only mobile app who spends all or the majority of your ad money on giving back to charities. Contact us for more detail.

Your banner ad can run in your community for $150 for an entire 5 months or for a full year for only $300. We are serious about our support for non-profits. Our app was created to support and help people. We want to do the same for companies who want to support charitable programs. It is truly that simple.

Also, do you have a charity your business supports. We want to know about it. Tell us how we can help.